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I HAVE SHIFTED [Dec. 11th, 2010|06:39 pm]
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christmas! [Dec. 25th, 2008|11:59 pm]
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this post will be here until christmas is overrrrrrrrrr :D
all items here from Topshop, F21, H81, Fredflare, GoJane. (oh but got one special shirt is from ontd_football, hehe)
I think I am crazy. but seriously, these photos were in my com for so long I just had to admire them again. (swoons)

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My livejournal finally works Praise the Lord [Dec. 5th, 2008|12:28 am]
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HAHA EMILYN YOU BETTER BE READING THIS: I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU WROTE ON YOUR NOTE (HEHEHE) AND HAHA I LOVE YOU TOO! I totally burst out laughing and started smiling like some retard when I read it HAHA.

I got so many things to talk about and so many photos to upload, but I totally have no time. K my schedule is, tmrw got piano, Saturday going for dinner with family amongst other stuff, and Sunday is Batam! And I need to pack and stuff and I totally have no time! K gonna point form everything.

Vivace' 08! (monday)
Okay I know like i go blog hopping then like many choir people write like compositions of the Concert, but i dont think there's a need to. when I got time right, I shall just spam on all the gazillion photos (but theyre with Astrid Cai and Mer) we took in the dressing room and after the concert etc. I'M SO TOTALLY MISSING IT NOW. After concert a huge bunch of us went Lau Pa Sat eat.

April's House (tuesday)
read previous post!

Band concert (wednesday)
Okay reached home at around 9am, collapsed into bed until 1130 (I was late for my dental) then at my dental this damn stupid thing happened! (I told gen) its like where got so big coincidence one! Anw, someone took the last lilac 'donut strip' so I took the ordinary purple one, which is like not matchy with my lilac choir gown, but its better than nothing. Some people like colourblind say it looks like black, but yalah it looked like a dark colour when not under the light. Okay then I had boring science tuition of which I was so braindead, then I rushed home and met Fel at mrt for Band concert. Met up with Gen Astrid Yijun Michelle Bertrand Aaron Siyu Halim also, Sandy, Mer and Clement came afterwards haha. In VCH i freaking sat beside Siyu who is such a bully! HE KEEPS LAUGHING FOR NO APPARENT REASON. But HAHAHA he can't spell "dentures" HAHAHAHAA. Then went Lau Pa Sat, again!

Sec 4 Farewell Party (today)
Helped Astrid with the slideshow and then did alot of random stuff (I was admiring and compiling my christmas wishlist rofl of which I only found 2 items that I really really wanted) then I went out and left my wallet at home (I never thought this day would ever come) and so thank you Gen for being so kind and meeting me at Marine Parade there to lend me coin hehe! I got like so retardedly drenched, and my china umbrella bailed on me. ):< The thing was ok la, but erm.. got something in my head that I cant stop pondering about.

Went home like at 1150? Cos went to Kallang Macs after the thing to eat. My dad was like so mad, I think its cos I since Monday have been going home just before midnight (and tuesday I didnt even go home lol)

Happy birthday Andrea! Man Utd's playing Sunderland (home) on my Birthday so they better win to make my day! GO RAFAEL! Wes Brown sitting out again ): Ronaldo won Ballon d'Or by a whooping 446 points, and 2nd is Messi (200++ points), 3rd Torres, and 4th is IKER<3 haha by 100++ points. I'm sad cos I wanted him to win, but I guess the first three on the list deserved it more and Ronaldo was like at his peak last season. But, iker ): (refer to this post ) Just found out that Sunderland manager (roy keane) resigned as Sunderland manager (lmfaoo) so I'm gonna read up on that before I hit the bed.

Bye bye! (I'm still thinking about that thing in my head I'm pondering about) 


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At April's house using Astrid's laptop [Dec. 3rd, 2008|12:54 am]
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Hello! We spent the whole afternoon at April's house and we're sleeping over (me mer gen sandy astrid). Choir concert ystd, I screwed up this part of binama, ): and I was shivering and scared. I'm just super glad we got over the whole thing but it seems like it was just five mins ago that the concert took place! We were all in the dressing room and like thinking why'd everything end so fast!!!!! And when the whole thing ended, me mer and cai ran into the room and jumped and screamed like crazy, and then minutes later, yijun astrid and michelle ran in and screamed again! HHAHAAH. Omg. Tmrw is band concert, and before that I have science tuition and I gonna have dental and change braces colour to purple/lilac haha hehe, to match my choir gown in batam! HAHAH. Ive been telling practically everyone that, so if my dentist there no more purple colour i'm gonna be soooooo sad. ):

okays, bye bye! Gonna go eat supper and watch movie.


 edit// i forgot to say that we were there at around 1 onwards to plan some stuff (we =  the sleepover people + cai jeslyn siyu halim dean aaron bertrand shutong ridhwan eugene and clement) then we played dare/double dare and doubleyoudoublei (wii lol) and watched abit of POTC. And I can't rmber. Go read april's blog.

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vvvvvvv scared [Dec. 1st, 2008|09:30 am]
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The concert is in a matter of hours, and I am freaking nervous. I have this list of 10 possible ways of me screwing up and I'm super duper scared omg help! Bye.
* livejournal's bandwidth is still exceeded gotta fix this next time.
*Manchester derby (Watched half time) and Man Utd won duh!
Rooney's 100th Club Goal :D

I found out that it's not just me experiencing Livejournal problems ^^
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livejournal is not working >:( [Nov. 29th, 2008|06:30 pm]
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Livejournal is totally effing itself up, up down left right center. The whole bandwidth is totally exceeding and I don't think its my comp's fault. Retarded, with a major R. It's super difficult to view anything now, and I love my lj communities, so I can't do without them. Now everything in livejournal is hindered! Know what, I'm gonna delete random entries now, I have my manchester derby to look forward to tomorrow night! :) I remembered/read wrongly. Idk if watching anot cos the next day got concert.
Man Utd gonna win if not I will cry cos Abu Dhabi sux.
Today after choir was fun, but srsly, Luk Luk Lumbu rocks and I wanna learn it!
bye bye
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Things occupying my brain now [Nov. 28th, 2008|09:23 pm]
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# note that all the below points are irrelevant to each other

1) Naturally, everyone would want to sing to the first photo like packed audience, but I super scard it turns out to be the second photo! Its like gonna be so disappointing, and I will just burst out crying (lmfao) or sth. Go watch TK Choir la!

2) Alex Pettyfer (from wildchild) = Torres. Agree? No one agree with me! Today went EHub( HAHAHAHA) with Mer, Sandy, Dean, Halim, Siyu, Aaron to watch Wildchild after choir. THE PEOPLE SITTING BESIDE ME WERE SO NOISY AHAH i was trapped cos they super hyperventilate alot when thr's a funny scene.

3) Oh, currently two people irk me. ______ and ______. Really. One is so manipulative ($^%#*$*FVJBDKUDO?!?!?) and the other is just disrespectful. (shakes head)

4) HAHAHA, Siyu is playing my PSP's Cake Mania. His main purpose was to get Fifa 09 and instead he's playing the cake one. HAHAHAHA DONT YOU THINK ITS SO FUNNY LIKE IMAGINE HIM PLAYING SOME CAKE MAKING GAME?! HAHAHAHHHAA.

5) I dropped my pencil! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHA. OMG WTH AHAHAHA. Fine I dont think anyone's getting it. -.-

6) Ahh! :D :D :D :D Cute. 

7) Dean you are still doing the 'mojojojojoojojojo' thing and now thr's even the theme song oh my ears are polluted :O hahahahahaha.
8) Am currently editing my lj template cos the current one's boring me. D:

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1 way 2 say 3 words 4 you/ I love you [Nov. 27th, 2008|10:51 pm]
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hi evry1, i luv the song on my title <3 
Passed my time today at R's house w/ Meri Halim Siyu Aaron, hahaha. Th pillow is so comfy but R humping bolsters 24/7 is so omgwtf eurgh!  
Dean stop doing the  'i am mo jojojoojojjojoojojojjojojoojojo' thing HAHA.

I am hungry ):
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beanbags and clocks [Nov. 25th, 2008|08:05 pm]
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hi I have alot of photos, and I love photobucket so much cos I just click click click and all the photos come alrd (because livejournal sucks only can 1 photo at a time) anw, I love the above pic so much! Its Dirk Kyut's wife and daughter :D

Choir today we conbine with MJC and it was super nice! (Lol window wiper) and I'm losing a bit of my voice, its super airy now and I need to faster heal before the concert.

K after choir today we went eat then clubhouse again, then the guys played soccer then me sandy and merilyn sat on the grass :) Not going to lj-cut cos I want it to be space consuming, haha lame. Dammit i accidentally upload too big ): too lazy upload again so am going to lj cut a few.


this picture damn nice right! I TAKE ONE HAHA.

and everything you had got destroyedCollapse )
edit/ Conference the same night for 7 hours. Didnt watch soccer cos I too scared to go out of my room cos its like 3.30AM and hell dark. but I got some "live commentary" until half time I go sleep alrd. Lol, heheh.

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This is a belated post. [Nov. 24th, 2008|07:34 pm]
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 Hehe, come see us carol at orchard :)

I'm totally obsessed with Wahjong now, Ive even lost tremendous interest in online shopping, and hehe I leveled up yesterday (and won 8 times :D out of many rounds D: ) Stupid Bertrand, all your fault. But nevermind, he also got let me win then he minus alot of whatever.  HAHA I HAPPY CAN ALRD :)

ow, my tummy hurts badly ):

Come play wahjong/big2.5 with me plz !
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